Old Diary


Mar.9 Suzuki (B3) received the award of Aoba Science Foundation.
Mar.1 Kumagai, Naka and Mori (B4) presented their bachelor theses.
Feb.17 Maruoka (M2) gave a presentation at Joint Symposium of Sience and Bioscience.
Jan.31 Imaizumi and Maruoka (M2) got their master theses.
Jan.11 Correction list in Chap. 7 of Morita's SFG textbook "Theory of Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy" (Springer) is published.
Dec.23 Imaizumi and Maruoka (M2) passed the preliminary defense of their master theses.
Nov.15 Welcome party for the new members was held.
Oct.26-29 Prof. Hyung Kim at Carnegie Mellon University visited us and had seminar and discussion.
Oct.17 Dr. Deepak Ojha (PD) joined our group.
Oct.5 Kawai, Suzuki and Nishida (B3) joined our group.
Sep.26-30 Prof. Morita gave a series of lectures at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar for the students in India.
Sep.19-22 Takahashi, Wang, Hirano, Imaizumi, Maruoka and Ito made their presentation at Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science.
Aug.31 Ms. Tonosaki resigned the secretary. Thank you for long time.
Aug.1 Dr. Hirano promoted to assistant professor. Congratulations!
May 30-31 Prof. Susumu Okazaki at Univ. Tokyo visited us and gave a lecture.
May 17-20 Hirano, Imaizumi, Morita made their presentations at Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Theoretical Chemistry.
Apr.13 Our paper in J. Am. Chem. Soc. and a Supplementary Cover Art are published in Issue 14.


Feb.18 Mr. Imaizumi (M1) got a poster award at Science and Life Science Joint Symposium 2022.
Feb.16 A web tool "ComplexRI" for ATR-IR analysis to derive complex refractive index spectra is open (see J. Phys. Chem. B).
Feb.1-3 Ms. Ichikawa, Mrs. Hosoya and Yazawa (M2) passed the final defense of their Master Theses. Congratulations!
Jan.27 Ms. Koizumi (D3) passed the final defense of her Ph. D. Thesis. Congratulations!
Dec.3 Prof. Morita appeared on "Mirai Book" for high school students. (sorry for Japanese)
Oct.2 Mr. Hirano presented his invited talk at Joint Meeting of Tohoku Chemistry Societies.
Oct.1 Mr. Kumagai, Naka, Matsushita and Mori (B3) joined our group.
Oct.1 Prof. Morita became the chair of Japan Society of Theoretical Chemistry.
Sep.18 Dr. Wang received the Young Researcher Award from Japan Society for Molecular Science. Congratulations!
Sep.18-21 Almost all members presented their works at Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science.
Apr.13 Mr. Kamimura (B4) joined our group.


Mar.2 Mr. Imaizumi, Ms. Ogawa, Mr. Nakamura, Hirata, Muraoka and Murata (B4) passed their bachelor defense. Murata got Hirama Award for distinguished research. Congratulations!
Feb.22 Our reserach on liquid-liquid interface was published in Perspective and Cover Picture of J. Chem. Phys.
Feb.4 Mr. Ito and Sato (M2) got their Master degrees.
Oct.1 Mr. Adachi, Ito and Moriuchi (B3) joined our group.
Jul.8 Our research on liquid interfaces is highlighted in "Facilitated ion transfer through liquid-liquid interfaces" by Research Outreach.
Jul.1 Mr. Hirano (DC2) promoted to be an assitant professor in our lab. Congratuations!


Feb.14 Ms. Koizumi (DC1) gave a presentation at Science and Life Sciece Joint Sympoisum 2020.
Feb.4 Mr. Naito and Mori passed the defence of their master theses. Congratulations!
Jan.7 New year party was held at Pizza house.
Dec.16 Mr. Naito and Mori (MC2) passed the pre-defence of their master theses.
Dec.15 A special topic issue of J. Chem. Phys., Nonlinear Spectroscopy and Interfacial Structure and Dynamics, by Prof. Morita and Alex Benderskii (guest editors) was completed and published.
Dec.9-11 Mr. Hirano and Ms. Koizumi (DC1) presented their works at the Annual Meeting of the Molecular Simulation Sciety of Japan at Nagoya.
Nov.5 Mr. Hirano (DC1) and Naito (MC2) won the prizes of excellent talk and poster, respectively, in the Annual Meeting of Japan Sciety for Molecular Scinece. Congratulations!
Oct.8 Welcome party for newcommers was held in downtonw Sendai.
Oct.2 New undergradudate members (Imaizumi, Ogawa, Nakamura, Hirata, Murata, Maruoka) joined our group.
Sep.17-20 All graduate students in the lab presented their works at Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science in Nagoya.
Sep.9-11 Our lab organized the summer school of molecular simulation at Akiu, and invited three lecturers, Profs. S. Saito, M. Shiga and H. Tanaka.
Sep.2-5 Prof. Morita and B4 students attended the simulation school at Okazaki.
Aug.27-30 Ms. Rebecca Altman at U. Oregon came to our lab.
Aug.22 Ms. Ichikawa, Mr. Hosoya and Yazawa (BC4) passed the extrance exam.
Jun.27-28 A joint trip to Kawatabi hot spring with other physical chemistry laboratories.
Jun.24 Many undergraduate students visit us in a lab tour.
Jun.17 Mr. Hirano (DC1) is selected to be a Ph.D. student of DIARE (Division of Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education).
Apr.15 Our joint team with Yamashita lab got the gold medal in the sports festival of the department.
Apr.8 A cherry-blossom viewing party was held at Nishi park.


Mar.27 Grauation ceremony for M2 and B4 students.
Mar.5 Final defense of bachelors (Ito, Sato, M. Hirano) and graduation party were held.
Dec.14 MC2 students (Koizumi, Tahara, Hirano, Liu) passed the pre-defence of master thesis.
Nov.28-30 We attended the Molecular Simulation Conference of Japan at Tukuba. Mr. Hirano will organize the summer school of molecular simulation next year.
Nov.21 Prof. Michiel Sprik at Cambridge visted our lab and had a seminar.
Nov.19 Prof. Dennis Hore at U. of Victoria came to our lab and stay for a week here.
Oct.25 Dr. Lin Wang and Mr. Tomonori Hirano got awards of best presentation and poster, respectively, at Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Molecular Science. Congratulations!
Oct.16 Prof. Allen's lecture was held. We had a welcome party for her and new lab members.
Oct.10 Prof. Heather Allen at Ohio State U. came to our lab and stay for a month.
Oct.1 Ms. Ichikawa, Mr. Hosoya and Yazawa (B3) joined our group.
Sep.25 Mr. Lingjian Wang got Ph. D. We had a party for his graduation and for other members to be graduated.
Sep.12-14 Ms. Koizumi, Mr. Tahara and Hirano, and Prof. Morita attended the Summer School of Molecular Simulation at Fukui.
Sep.10-13 All graduate students and faculty presented their research in the Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science at Fukuoka.
Aug.27-28 Tohoku University's Chemistry Summer School was held. We invited Mr. Paul Ohno from Northwestern U. Mr. Tomonori Hirano got a poster award.
Aug. 22 Mr. Ito and Sato passed the entrance exam of graduate school.
Aug. 20 A new textbook on SFG spectroscopy by Prof. Morita ("Theory of Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy") is published from Springer.
Aug. 8 Our recent work on the chi3 effect on SFG is featured in Advances in Engineering.
Aug. 7 Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi (RIKEN) had a department seminar.
Aug. 6 Mr. Lingjian Wang (DC3) had his final defense in Ph. D. thesis.
Jun.29-30 Kawatagi Seminar for physical chemistry has been held. Mr. Naito and Mori gave presentations there.
Apr.16 Annual sports meeting of chemistry department.
Apr.10-12 Prof. Michiel Sprik at U. of Cambridge visited our lab.
Apr.9 A cherry-blossom viewing party was held at Nishi park.


Mar.1 Mr. Shida, Takase, Naito, and Mori had their final defense in their undergraduate course and passed!
Feb.14 Mr. Jiachen Ge from Fudan University ruturned home.
Feb.1 Dr. Tatsuya Joutsuka promoted to an assistant professor at Ibaraki University.
Jan.10 Mr. Shinan Zhang from Shanghai Jao Tong University ruturned home.
Jan.9 New Year Party of the laboratory was held.
Nov.29-Dec.1 Drs. Lin Wang and Joutsuka made oral presentations at 31st Conference of Molecular Simulation Society of Japan at Kanazawa.
Nov.8-9 Prof. Suzuki (Kyoto U.) gave special lectures.
Oct.30 Prof. Tanaka (Kyushu U.) was invited and visited our lab.
Oct.17 Welcome party for new members.
Oct.14 Mr. Lingjian Wang (DC3) presented a research talk at DC2 workshop.
Oct.13 Profs. Yamaguchi (Saitama U.), Mondal and Jena from India visited our lab, and had a mini symposium on SFG spectroscopy.
Oct.10-11 Prof. Morita was invited to "3rd International Workshop on Heterogeneous Kinetics" at Shanghai.
Oct.4 Mr. Jiachen Ge from Fudan U. joined as a short-term student.
Oct.2 New undergraduate students (H. Ito, Y. Sato, M. Hirano) joined our group.

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